My prediction and fears are proven correct, the police in Brazil became more violent in the months ahead of the World Cup. I started the “Don’t Kill for Me” campaign based on the logic of the situation, that police in Brazil consider killing people a method to fight crime, they felt compelled to reduce crime before the World Cup, therefore killing would increase. And it did.

According to Amnesty International in Sao Paulo the rate of police killing citizens increased 62% in the six months leading up to the World Cup. In that same period in 2013 police in Sao Paulo killed 269 people, while in 2014 the number was 434. Likewise, in the state of Rio the rate of those killed by police in that period increased 43%, from 199 in 2013 to 285 in 2014.

Now that the World Cup is over, we look to the Olympics and wonder “what next”? Will the police continue in their strategic blood sport? Recently a video was released in which police in Rio enthusiastically trumpeted their execution of 2 boys “Two less,” one officer is heard saying, “If we did this every week, it could start going down. We hit target.” While methodically moving through the population of “undesirables”, they saw their murder of two teenagers as a strategic success.

According to the Secretary of Public Security, in 2013, police in the city of Rio killed 4 people a week, 8 a week in the state. Perhaps those Rio cops were unaware of their already high rates. They aspired to two murders a week while their team Rio police are already at 4. On average, police in Brazil kill 5 people a day. The Olympics will be held in 102 weeks that’s 816 dead in Rio, 3,590 dead in all of Brazil. Surely this is a new low for Olympic preparations. I beseech the government of Brazil and the Olympic organizers, Don’t Kill for Me!

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Richard —

Come on the police in Brazil have been killing children for years I learned about it over 20 years ago it’s not new. Maybe its become fashionable to highlight this abhorrent situation because of the world cup and the olympics.
Nothing was done about it then and nothing more will be done about it now. Petitions were signed and so on we stood out side the Brazilian embassy to let our feelings known NOTHING!!
The British government won’t do anything in fact our concerns were that the government of the UK would introduce similar schemes to reduce the number’s of the underclass and unemployed.

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