O Black Lives Matter irá para o Brasil

Paying Solidarity – Black Lives Matter Everywhere [Black Lives Matter Everywhere]

Rio de Janeiro
20 the July 23, 2016

The Black Lives Matter and Brazil Police Watch movements will be in Rio de Janeiro to provide solidarity with activists and victims of police violence. Brazilian police kill 8 people per day and the police in Rio de Janeiro kills every 15 hours. According to Amnesty International, police lethality increased due to the cleaning done by the police for the Olympics. The UN Committee on the Rights of the Child points out that the current wave of police violence in Brazil occurs in order to “present to the world a free city problems” during the Olympics.

Making use of fear policies, the Brazilian police claim killing to prevent crime. Police kill in the name of some citizens and all visitors from Brazil. While Brazilians protest against the Olympics with cries of “Who?”, It is imperative that those outside of Brazil recognize the genocide committed in our name. Brazilian police have a long history of violence against the african-Brazilian community and escalating violence in advance of mega-events. When you run out of games, the genocide will continue, and the legacy of the Rio 2016 Olympics will be thousands of dead in Brazil, because of a state that kills its citizens and silence of tourists, athletes and spectators.

We will be in Rio de Janeiro from July 20 to July 23. We end our trip on July 23, day of the 24th anniversary of the Candelaria Massacre, when the Rio police killed eight homeless children while they slept. During our stay in Rio we will meet with victims of police violence, community organizers and activists fighting against state violence. We affirm that Black Lives Matter Everywhere [Black Lives Matter Everywhere].

Who we are

Photo of Liz MartinLiz Martin became an activist after a policeman to murder his nephew in Brazil. Liz is the daughter of a police officer in Worcester. By joining with families of Brazilian victims and seek advice and support of human rights activists, Liz created the campaign “Do not Kill for Me; Safe Games for All “[Do not Kill for Me; Insurance for All Games “]. Through narratives and stories, Liz works to educate people about the police high mortality rates in Brazil, considered among the largest in the world. Liz testified about police brutality in Brazil before the Human Rights Committee Tom Lantos in the US Congress, and gave a speech at the national and international levels about the police violence in Brazil. After meeting with families of people killed by police in Rio de Janeiro, Liz began narratives to share their stories. “I’m not a specialist in police violence,” Liz said, “but I can be a witness of the devastation caused when the state murders its citizens.”

Daunasia YanceyDaunasia Yancey , a black, lesbian, educator sexual health, strategist and organizer, is an example of Boston’s best. She dedicated her life in the struggle to gain needed resources to underrepresented communities. Daunasia has organized locally since the age of 13, but his passion passed quickly for full commitment during his work for the Boston Alliance of LGBT Youth (BAGLY) [Alliance of Boston LGBT Youth], Fenway Health and the Boston LGBT adolescent Social Services (GLASS) [Social Services for Adolescents Boston LGBT]. Working as a strategist, Daunasia held successfully the Board of both BAGLY and the National Youth Advocacy Coalition (NYAC) [National Coalition for the Defense of Youth]. The work Daunasia was highlighted in the documentary Secret Survivors (2012), and received an honorable mention in the Colin Higgins Foundation’s National Youth Courage Award (2011) [National Award of Colin Higgins Courage Foundation in Youth] and Fenway Health Trailblazers Award (2014) [Pioneer Award Fenway Health]. Recently, Daunasia has responded to the international call of Black Lives Matter movement, organizing direct actions, opportunities builders of communities, and leading the struggle for Black liberation in Boston and other places. Daunasia currently working in part-time, such as sexual and reproductive health adviser at the Hospital Cambridge Health Alliance.

John SeldenThe Reverend Doctor John L. Selders Jr. is an ordained minister and serves in the United Church of Christ [United Church of Christ] is the Shepherd Organizer Amistad United Church of Christ [United Church of Christ Amistad] Hartford, CT, is the Associate chaplain of Trinity College in Hartford, CT and one of the leaders of the Moral Monday CT [Monday Moral CT]. For 15 years he held the position of Executive Director of Zezzo House (a housing project of 18 units) in Hartford, CT.

He is the loving husband of Pamela and has two children, Alisia and Jay, and a granddaughter, Makenzie. Bishop Selders made his academic and theological reflection attending College Life Christian Bible, the Webster University, Eden Theological Seminary and the Anglican Divinity School. Besides being a talented and award-winning music composer, musician and local recognition artist, national and international, he is also the Presiding Bishop of the Inter-Denominational of Liberation Congregations and Ministries Conference (ICLCM) and is the Bishop of the Co-Convening of The sacred College of Progressive episcopates (CPE). Bishop Selders is a founding member of the Moral Monday CT, an organization of local base, present throughout the state of Connecticut, dedicated to a wide range of issues of social justice.

Bishop Selders has demonstrated an extraordinary commitment and dedication with regard to various efforts, which offered him the opportunity to travel around the country speaking, lecturing and conducting workshops in the areas of health, oppression and reproductive justice. He is a teacher, speaker, leader of workshops, educator, HIV / AIDS and activist with several awards for his work. John worked for 12 years as a lecturer at Yale Divinity School in New Haven, CT. He was also Associate Professor in the Department of Education in Field of Andover Newton Theological School, Rector of the Urban Ministry Track of The Anglican Divinity School, and is an associate member of the Seminary Consortium faculty for Urban Pastoral Education [Seminary Consortium for Pastoral Urban Education] . It integrates several boards that currently provide services to the National Vice-President of the Religious Coalition of Reproductive Choice [Religious Coalition for Reproductive Rights] and works with various local and national organizations whose work relates to the healing of humanity.

Pamela SeldenPamela Selders is mother and proud grandmother, wife, entrepreneur, healer, organizer, advocate and activist.

She is the founder and owner of Pam’s Personals, a company that promotes healing through holistic health aromatherapy, herbalism and dream work. Pamela graduated from the State University of Tennessee and a post graduate in Processwork Center of Oregon. His activism spans several decades. Since the mid-90s to the present, she works to organize and develop collaborations, alliances and organizations focused on racial justice.

Pamela was born in St. Louisiana and answered the call for racial justice in 2014 with the death of Michael Brown. She joined the movement Black Lives Matter and co-founded the Moral Monday CT in Connecticut where she works and lives today.

Waltrina Middleton Headshot


A Reverenda Waltrina N. Middleton  é ativamente engajada em questões de justiça social domésticas e internacionais. Seu trabalho de defesa inclui organizações em Cleveland e outras localidades afim de tratar de uma cultura sistêmica de violência e racismo contra as comunidades marginalizadas. Ela é a fundadora/organizadora do Cleveland Action, uma organizacão de direitos humanos em solidariedade ao movimento Black Lives Matter [Vidas Negras Importam]. Ela é pregadora, poeta, crítica social e organizadora comunitária comprometida com a propagação da visão de uma “Beloved community” [comunidade Amada]. Recentemente, a Rev. Middleton foi reconhecida pela Rejuvenate Magazine como uma de seus 40 Under 40 Professionals to Watch in Non-Profit Religious Sector [40 Profissionais com menos de 40 anos para Observar o Setor Religioso Sem Fins Lucrativos] e "16 to Watch em 2016" [16 para Observar em 2016] do Center for American Progress. No verão passado, ela foi premiada com o Jonathan M. Daniels Memorial Fellowship pela Episcopal Divinity School para apoiar um projeto de pesquisa sobre os paralelos entre ativismo, artes e lamento no movimento Black Lives nos Estados Unidos e o movimento anti-apartheid na Palestina. Ela é a inaugural do Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. Fellowship Scholar e uma das inaugurais do William & Lucy Social Justice e da Globalization Fellows, ambos recebidos enquanto ela estava matriculada no mestrado em Teologia no Chicago Theological Seminary, de onde ela formou com distinção. Sua tese de Mestrado explorou o tema: "Reconciliando o Deus do Oprimido: Um Olhar sobre Abuso Sexual, Estupro, Incesto e Outras Formas de Exploração Sexual Dentro da Igreja Negra". Ela também é aluna da DePaul University e Howard University, respectivamente. Ela segue firmemente os princípios da filosofia Ubuntu que proclamam, “Eu sou porque nós somos. Nós somos porque Deus é.”

Brittini Gray  is Pursuing her master’s degree in Divinity Theological Studies at Eden Theological Seminary. Her years of experience in community and youth development led her to St. Louis to work with Metropolitan Congregations United (MCU) after doing a year of service in Buffalo, NY where she first started community organizing. Through her organizing, Brittini, the poet who has used art as a vehicle for organizing-has organized issue-oriented campaigns related to education, voter engagement, policing and criminal justice (Specifically focusing on juvenile justice). She is the chairwoman for Gamaliel’s Organizers of Color Caucus and the founder of Students 4 Change, the youth-organizing arm of MCU que charts new paths for the organization by engaging youth in organizing campaigns. Her portfolio includes designing and Facilitating workshops & trainings on leadership, community organizing, and racism. Also she is an experienced fundraiser turning around break-even fundraisers and Obtaining new grants for her organization.

If you want to enter contact with a member of the delegation, please send an email to brazilpolicewatch@gmail.com .

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